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Direct way to improve yield of ball mill

| Uncategorized | June 13, 2013

The Ball Mill as a general grinding equipment, is widely used in dressing, building materials and chemical industry, ball mill can be divided into dry and wet type two kinds of grinding way. According to the row of ore in different ways, and can be divided Grate Ball Mill and the overflow type two kinds of ball mill.

Generally speaking, the direct way to improve production ball mill has 3 kinds:

1, grinding machine add buy before finely machine;

2, improve grinding system, improve the grinding efficiency;

3, add buy efficient Classifier.

As we all know, after the ball mill is the material being broken, and then to smash the key equipment. It is widely used in cement, Portland products, new building materials, chemical fertilizer, non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry, of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding. Before grinding finely is the precondition, after grinding choose powder is guarantee, ground of reform is basic. Finely made into the ground before grinding material particle size reduced greatly, which reduces the grinding system load; Choose to enhance the efficiency of powder, the most direct benefit is finished product fine powder is maximum elected in time, reduce the cement products back to powder rate, reduce the mill load; And grinding of reform, is also the grinding system improvement, is the most fundamental solution. Into the ground material particle size reduced, select the powder efficiency raised, if griding system efficiency is low, the impact is not only the ball mill production, more influence the quality of the products. Get Ceramic Ball Mill,Ball Mill,Beneficiation From http://www.rawmill.com

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The defects of ball mill

| Uncategorized | June 13, 2013

The Ball Mill faults: (1) work efficiency is low, the power consumption unit.

(2) the ball mill barrel rotational speed is low (about 15 ~ 27 r/min), if you use ordinary motor that. The average all need equipped with expensive reducer.

(3) grinding medium in the impact and grinding materials at the same time, its itself and the ball mill barrel lining etc parts were also strip mill, the metal materials consumption greatly. But has made a variety of resistant alloy mill medium and the lining board, make the unit of metal materials consumption materials greatly decreased.

(4) when operating noise, and with strong vibration.

This shows, improve the ball grinding efficiency, reduce the power consumption unit and the mill equipment manufacturing, technical innovation and new technology, new technology, new equipment the main attack direction of the research.  Get Beneficiation,Ceramic Ball Mill,Ball Mill From http://www.ksmachines.com

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The advantages of ball mill

| Uncategorized | June 13, 2013

The advantages of Ball Mill is as follows:

(1) adaptability is strong, for most materials can be grinding.

(2) can continuous operation, and production capacity can meet the need of modern industrial production on a large scale.

(3) crushing than the big, in the ordinary circumstances, above 300, mill circumstances can reach more than 1000. And fineness and product graded easy to adjust

(4) can adapt to the different conditions in the operation, and reliable operation. For example, crushing and dry crushing and mixed simultaneously; Can be used either for dry shattered, and can be used in wet shattered; Can closed-circuit grinding, and can open grinding, etc.

(5) single cylinder structure, mechanical reliability, wear parts easy to check and replacement.

(6) the craft is mature, can be standardized.

(7) have a good sealing, can the negative pressure operation, so as to avoid dust flying, improve working conditions, and to prevent the air and environmental pollution.

In view of the advantages of ball mill, it is suitable for dry grinding, wet grinding, crushing various hard, dry in hard minerals, such as black metal, non-ferrous metal, limestone, cement, iron, coal, chemical raw materials and all kinds of metal solid materials. Get Ceramic Ball Mill,Ball Mill,Beneficiation From http://www.ceramic-ball-mill.com

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ghd 2011 with all the of sophistication temperature mandatory by the garments content

| Uncategorized | May 11, 2013

Of individuals sources, the majority are considerably reliable demands that can be predicted dependent on past intake. Then, make use of a substantial round brush to blow dry your hair to make it as sleek and straight purple ghd sale. And if your subject’s experience good about herself, it will demonstrate in the photographs ghd bargains. Click here ghd straightener
This 7 inch Android tablet Personal computer launched in November previous yr, but till now, their sale is not nonetheless shiny. “In November, the living dead took center phase: Almost ten,000 consumers smeared with bogus blood lurched by means of Mexico City’s central plaza in what organizers explained was the World’s Main Zombie Wander ghd registration australia. And, if acquiring an abundance of ‘negative ions’ wasn’t sufficient, Corioliss have used the best and newest nano-engineering to wipe out 99 how significantly is ghd hair straightener. Click here ghd hair straightener australia
Lake Alautra is the habitat of numerous birds. A Death in Summer Evaluations: Keith Staskiewicz: Black’s preceding novel, Elegy for April, was an impressive disappearing act of a secret, akin to pulling a rabbit out of a hat and then revealing that there basically was no hat after all hair treatment solutions. You can not feed any sort paper stocks in the machine so you would be demanded to have it one particular by 1 ghds. Click here ghd hair straightener
But still, some fellas take a look quite a bit way more interesting with out any hair at all. This type is suited for assured gals who are all set to take the wild and sexual facet of a curly mane in a length that they can handle ghd iv straightener. In the center of the sq. was a substantial tree that has countless antique points about it low priced ghd hair programs.

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HIS 7850 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB

| Uncategorized | December 6, 2012

Specialist graphics cards with AMD graphics processors HIS 7850 IceQ presents the X Turbo X 2GB, a display device designed for gamers who want to enjoy the latest titles without having to undergo any jerk while taking advantage of the latest technologies in current matter.


HIS IceQ X 7850 the Turbo X 2GB shows the outline of the HIS IceQ X 7870 knowing a great success thanks to superior performance while controlling the heat release due to one of the best cooling systems currently on the market very quiet: the IceQ X. As usual and with good reason, the  Dell Latitude E6500  brand boosts performance by increasing default frequency of the GPU to achieve those of the HIS 7870. More electronic components are capacitors with quality and SOC of solid floors and digital power more stable, more efficient and more particularly reactive. Thus, thanks to its 2.8 billion transistors and its 2GB of RAM, HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB should have no trouble be among the graphics performance compared to prices more attractive. HIS IceQ 7850 then X Turbo X 2GB worthy contender for the HIS 7870 in the same range?


AMD Radeon HD7800 aka Southern Islands

Appeared in December 2011, the new generation of AMD Radeon HD 7000 GPU knows a great success thanks to excellent performance and support for the latest technologies in graphics cards. Segmented into three categories, this range of graphics chips wins in simplicity because there are the usual entry-called 7700 followed the series through 7800 and 7900 models come who held the top rankings all brands for a few months just before the arrival of Nvidia Keepler challenger. AMD Radeon HD7870 GPU powering our test card benefits from the latest innovations in terms of benefits. Before this entire graphics chip is among the first to see its frequency surpass the legendary GHz with architecture GCN (Graphics Core Next) and AMD PowerTune technology.


So what GPU innovates with a fine engraving of 28nm allowing it to contain 2.8 billion transistors. It supports Eyefinity technology real benchmark for managing multiple screens, the latest version of DirectX 11.1 API with Microsoft graphics in games always more detailed and impressive. Always with the aim of enhancing computing power, the PCI Express 3.0 is supported thereby doubling the  Dell Inspiron 1526 battery band width available on this interface. The founder deploys AMD ZeroCore, another technology dedicated to power management to reduce power consumption intensive yesterday.

Finally found the support CrossfireX to combine multiple graphics cards in a single machine but also the 4K video with its video outputs meet standards HBR2 DisplayPort 1.2.


HIS IceQ X 7850 presentation Turbo X 2GB


HIS now fifteen models of different graphics cards in the Radeon 7800 class shipping 1 or 2 GB of GDDR5 but nine of which are equipped with version 7850 settlors of a cooling system more or less elaborate and clock frequencies journals up. Others have a GPU AMD Radeon 7870. Economic models simply a cooling system or reference type IceQ but differ with frequencies between 1000 and 1100MHz for the GPU while those of the RAM do not change. The latest models are equipped with IceQ X cooling system quieter but also more efficient. The Dell Inspiron 1300 battery standard version is clocked at 1000MHz for the GPU; 100MHz wins through to reach and frequency of 1100MHz RAM to 1200MHz rest. The highest card knows a swift increase in RAM speed also with a gain of either 5000MHz or 1250MHz 50MHz workforce.


Our test model is HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 with 2GB AMD Radeon 7850 GPU clocked at 1000MHz and engraved in 28nm. Are present at his side 2048MB GDDR5 RAM format on a 256-bit bus clocked at 1250MHz. It has four video outputs, two standard mini displayport, one DVI and the last one HDMI. The side of the bundle, we regret that always marks neglect this aspect of the product for only a CrossfireX bridge and an HDMI adapter are attached to a CD-ROM containing drivers exceeded. Merme if there is a card holder limit unnecessary in view of the rigidity of the card, which will be the first to (re) offer games taking advantage of the card instead of remaining coupons downloads too often unanswered by AMD and DisplayPort adapters are really useful?

The  Dell Inspiron 6000 battery map shows relatively compact dimensions with a length of 23.5cm. His aesthetic is attractive although flashy with a PCB turquoise, a fan with pale blue translucent and its decoration silver honeycomb. HIS IceQ X 7850 the Turbo X 2GB requires only six auxiliary power connector pinsa connect directly to the power of the machine. It has solid components ‘High Quality’ improving the stability of performance, but also preserves the potential damage to components at low cost. The supply phases are fitted to the card type and digital providing dynamic overclocking potential while higher while keeping power consumption.


Cooling system


HIS IceQ 7850 however the X Turbo X 2GB cooling system has the most elaborate brand or model IceQ X specifications enticing. HIS promises a lower temperature of 17 ° C against the reference cooler with the fan with a diameter of 9.2cm in diameter and the lifetime is guaranteed for 50,000 hours. This is the same as  HP 484170-001 battery fitted version Radeon 7870. Its beautiful radiator is equipped with an aluminum base whose heart is copper. To deport the heat, two heatpipes are embellished with aluminum fins. HIS therefore indicates 28dB of noise in office use is 3dB lower than the reference cooling system proposed by the founder.

The fan-cooling the assembly is of a diameter of 9.5cm. Its blades are processed to obtain a geometry effective improving performance while maintaining quiet operation significantly. In addition it is equipped with PWM technology to enable it to adapt its speed according to the heat release. 800 rotations per minute at rest, it will be able to reach its maximum 3400 RPM.

Performance Hard Reset


Our latest title is the latest we test: We include Dell Latitude E6510  Hard Reset years since our tests has the distinction of being optimized computing power required for anti aliasing and tessellation. For each of our three resolutions used, we find our details now classic levels: low, intermediate and high. On this basis, we disable anti aliasing as low tessellation mode, we set the anti aliasing x4 and tessellation normal mode through and finally, we push all options to their maximum for the test as demanding.

In Hard Reset, the rankings change and this time more successful as the Radeon 7870 GPU but also to Nvidia.

Even balance in 1680.

And finally by 1920 pixels, the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB incorporates enough power to meet all needs because it exceeds 50 FPS here.




Overclock a graphics card unfortunately does not multiply as much performance as processors of our PC. If for these gains can be significant and in many cases earn fifty percent performance easily GPUs rarely exceed ten percent. To achieve the maximum frequency of the map, we start by increasing the speed of the GPU and when we reached its limit, we do the same with the memory. Once we have validated their optimal frequencies, we add the two values and GPU RAM so we ensure the stability test with 3DMark 2011 and another in 2033 with Metro to see the gains. The  Dell Latitude e6400 cooling system is not changed and the fan speed is set to auto mode. We also make sure not to exceed the temperature is too high so dangerous to the life of components.


Due to a strong GPU overclocked by the manufacturer at 1GHz instead of 860MHz AMD préconnisés, it is considered normal to not be able to climb much higher. In addition, the voltage of the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB can not be modified by software including Ice Turbo HIS. We still managed to reach 1100MHz. It is still 28% higher than the reference frequency. For cons, the memory can make a leap forward as default 1250MHz; it is able to pass 1500MHz, ie an increase of 20%.  Metro in 2033, overclock the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 78500 2GB saves 2fps high resolution and all options enabled. 3DMark 2011 shows interest to overclock the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 78500 2GB since 7000 may far exceed the low points in detail at a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels. High resolution and high detail, we crossed the 1700 points with 100MHz increase.


Temperatures and noise


As a first step, we analyze the temperature to highlight the performance of each cooling system. In a second step, we compare the  Dell Latitude d630 battery speed of cooling fans used to keep the temperatures measured maps of our test. To seek to maximize the GPU, we use the software we choose Furmark and GPU-Z to monitor temperatures and fan speeds. Everything is going well for HIS IceQ X Turbo X 78500 2GB which heats a little less than 7870 because it is in all cases below 60 ° C against 70 ° C for the previous model. We appreciate then default speed to stay very close to 50 ° C because it is the only overclockanf manually as we approach the 60 ° C. But at the expense of a higher fan speed?

Now for measuring the operating speed of the fans of the HIS 7850 IceQ Turbo X 2GB. We can see that the radiator of the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 78500 2GB is particularly efficient because the fan does not need to run at its top speed to dissipate heat. Remains below 40% even without overclocking and under the additional 45% once the increased frequency manually. While many powerful graphics cards such as the HIS IceQ X 7870 2GB synonymous with high noise, we congratulate HIS offer a product as discreet. In fact, the card just above the operating 36.5dB which is excellent and very discreet. It will therefore be necessary before any conscious users maintain a quiet environment.




HIS IceQ X to 78,500 X Turbo 2GB is constantly below 150 Watts when fully loaded frequency factory when our lives with Intel I7 2600K non overclocked. These are measurements taken at the  Dell Vostro 1520 battery outlet of our PC. At rest the card has an excellent command of consumption by being economical with only 74 Watts. It is 50 watts less load than 7870 and less than 10 watts at rest.



Success Continues HIS 7850 IceQ with X Turbo X 2GB card as proved most convincing on many points. Around the owner allowed us to discover a good quality card with quality design and manufacture some. We are dealing here with selected components more stable and more efficient more conducive to overclocking. The performance side, the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB has no problem to match in some cases exceed see a Radeon 7870 core. It is perfectly tailored for the most demanding games and even in the highest resolutions with a level of detail and maximum filtering.


And although the level of computing power is the most convincing, players will not be bothered by excessive noise. Indeed, the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB has proved perfectly discreet with a cooling system more efficient, probably the best in the market today. By itself, it remains a fundamental choice argument to consider this card carefully. We have also enjoyed a really low power consumption because with only 150 watts meter test platform for our full activity, there are few competitors to do as well. Available within two hundred euros, the  Dell XPS M1530   price is certainly slightly higher than the reference models but has HIS 7850 IceQ with X Turbo X 2GB a quality much higher.


This involves thank Nvidia have launched its GTX 650Ti with which AMD reacts immediately by reviewing its prices downwards. This is why the HIS IceQ X Turbo X 7850 2GB we recommend is a card of choice and with probably one of the best price performance to date.







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HP Pavilion DV5 battery

| Uncategorized | November 27, 2012


While we reviewed last week the numerous advantages of NAS assembled, placed the needs and desired features, choosing the appropriate equipment and mounted the whole, it is now time to proceed to configuration space storage and operation. This week, we’re going to configure our system to have RAID storage volume on which you install an operating system. We will choose the most suitable according to the needs of the many available on the market contenders they are free or paid exclusively dedicated to NAS or general but they are French or not. We will also see how and on what medium to finally finish the  HP Pavilion DV4 battery install by creating shared folder. Therefore, our NAS 59Hardware can finally welcome our many files.



Now that our NAS is mounted and ready to be turned on, we can now proceed to the configuration of the storage space and the installation of the operating system. If you opted for a RAID (semi) material, it will be mandatory to check the BIOS even if this step requires some settings and is widely accessible to all. A final step will be necessary to have a storage space therefore: configuring disks in RAID mode.

It should also determine which media to install the operating system. Because too many solutions are possible each with their advantages but also disadvantages. Should we use a proprietary hard at this job? A simple USB key can it fulfill this role effectively? Can also be installed directly on the storage space?


Choice of operating system

Then comes the installation of the operating system. Two major categories are then: specific systems and NAS OS “classical” found on traditional  HP Pavilion DV5  PCs. In each of these categories some are paid and some are free. And finally there are the systems of those translated into French in English only. Ideally it will be free, will have an effective management interface and easy to access but mostly in French. However, the operating system most widely popular Microsoft Windows is also recommended as indicated and who has not in his “old” Windows XP Licensing neglected and therefore untapped? We will see that this last possibility is most relevant when referring to widely tailor our NAS 59Hardware. He especially the huge advantage of not requiring any adaptation time since that has never used this system even once?

Essential if we want a free, exclusive SIN and French, then a choice: FreeNAS. Based on a version of Linux based on ultra secure “BSD” (one small security flaw discovered since its creation), she has undeniable advantages. It can be installed on a USB stick, it is lightweight and therefore requires minimal hardware and installation is very simple as well. The  Dell Latitude d630 battery features offered are rich and varied but growth potential is limited. A very good alternative is presented to FreeNAS: OpenmediaVault even if it is only available in English.


A storage medium of the operating system

Depending on the selected operating system, the choice of storage medium will be less wide. For example, in the case of Microsoft Windows, it’ll have to use a conventional hard disk. Ideally, the operating system must be physically separated from the hosted data. It is therefore preferable to recover a small capacity hard drive very slow, the impact on performance in the context of use does not feel that at startup. But if you want to opt for this O.S. without disk exclusively, it is possible to install it on a separate partition on the RAID array. Using an operating system based on Unix as FreeNAS, all options are possible because much more permissive. It is quite possible to make a usb boarding system. We assume that we use a USB installation to free us from a CD-ROM slow and impractical. We also use a second key to be used for USB host operating system managing our NAS 59Hardware.
RAID configuration

In the context of the use of a software RAID, no change is to be done in the BIOS of the machine. By cons for hardware RAID, the configuration of the storage space requires two interventions at the BIOS level. The storage controller of the motherboard must be set to RAID. Thus starting the machine a new menu will appear allowing the setting. For all compatible motherboards Intel, simply to display the menu simultaneously press “Ctrl” and “I”. We then give a name to our storage space, we choose to use RAID 1 or 5 then select the disks to include in the RAID array.  HP Pavilion DV6 battery relatively obscure option called “Stripe Size” sets the block size of the disk. Generally, we use a small value if the majority of stored files will be small and vice versa. In reality within the framework of personal use, the performance impact is imperceptible. Therefore choose a size of 128K, and confirm the RAID is now ready for use.
Installing FreeNAS


Creating installation media

The time when we monopolisions an afternoon full using a CD-ROM to install an operating system on a machine freshly climb is over. Now we use a USB is much faster and convenient. Download FreeNAS version 8.0.4. Depending on the processor architecture, we opt for X64 version if necessary. The file has a size of only a hundred Megabytes.


In order to create a USB installation, use the free LinuxLive USB Creator. This powerful application allows from an ISO file to create a USB installation.

Specify to use the USB
Specify the image downloaded FreeNAS
Check the format
Click the flash to start creating the installation key

Within minutes, we can proceed to install FreeNAS on our NAS.


Installing FreeNAS is very simplistic though Linux systems have unfounded reputation of being very difficult to configure. Get this O.S. functional requires very little time and no setup for FreeNAS is designed to be fully automated the installation process. To install  HP Pavilion DV7 battery , you will connect a keyboard, a mouse and a screen on our NAS that can disconnect once this has been accomplished. While installing FreeNAS interface may seem from another era, it remains highly effective and compatible with all machines. A single step ask where to install the system. We select the device “Da0″ and that’s it! After a few minutes the installation wizard will indicate that the operation is successful and we can finally reach our management interface once our NAS 59Hardware restarted. We will carefully note the IP address of the NAS indicated once the machine booted and from a PC connected to the LAN, you will use this IP address in a web browser.


FreeNAS does not include configuration wizard within its operating system. However, some operations to be performed are within the reach of novice users.

Step 1: Configure the interface in French.
Step 2: Change the mount password “Administrator” (Root).
Step 3: Configure storage
Step 4: Create Share

Management interface in French


If you wish to receive an interface translated into French, simply go to the “System” menu, then “Settings” to change the language. Take this opportunity to show the correct time zone. And refresh the page (F5 key) and you get your FreeNAS language of Molière.



Change the administrator password

The administrator in Linux is called “Root”. In a default installation, this user has no password. Just go to the menu “Administrator Account” and then “Change Password”.


Configuring the storage

In our case study, we use two hard drives dedicated storage and we use RAID 1 or “Mirror”.
In the menu “Volume”, choose “Volume Manager” to give a name to your storage space and select the available disks.


Choose the UFS file system and type “Mirror”. Confirm in a few minutes, the storage space will be available. We can finally move on to creating a share.
Install Microsoft Windows

In case you prefer to use Microsoft’s operating system, the  Dell XPS M1330 battery installation is known to all and presents no particular difficulty. Can optionally install this O.S. from a USB flash drive that also saves considerable time compared to conventional CD-ROM. Note that if Microsoft offers a version Home Server operating system, a Windows XP, Vista or 7 suited.

Care should be taken to install the required drivers, the system updates and install the above software RAID supervision. On our test platform using Intel storage controller, the application is called “Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise.” It allows the supervision of the health status of the RAID volume. However, if you do not have a dedicated drive and you want to use RAID storage space, you will then have two separate partitions on this space. It will also be imperative to have drivers installed RAID controller otherwise Windows will not be able to recognize this space. These drivers are available on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard and are usually called “Storage Driver Windows installation.” We will carefully select those corresponding to the version of the operating system used supporting 32 or 64-bit instructions.


The creation of these scores will then during the installation of Windows. It will suffice to create a first of twenty gigabytes, which contain the operating system. The second takes up the rest of the available space and will contain our data. Other steps will involve the creation of a user which give a name and password and clock settings.


Configuring the storage

Our first setting our NAS 59Hardware once assembled was to configure the  Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery  to our storage space. So that it is usable under Windows, it is necessary to initialize the volume (recognized as a single hard disk). It will be in the control panel to select “Tools administrations” in which we will access the disk manager. Windows will automatically prompt you through a wizard to initialize the RAID volume.


Creating a shared folder
Under FreeNAS
In order to host files on the NAS over the network, it is necessary to perform this last step in creating and sharing. Thus, one or more files are available from any device connected to the network. In the menu “sharing”, select “Windows Shares” and “Add”. Enter a name for your sharing and select the storage volume in the “Path”. FreeNAS will offer to activate the service Windows folder sharing what it will accept.

Note that sharing and creating require authentication to access FreeNAS since greatly favors security and confidentiality. In case you want to delete this identification process, we select the “Allow Guest Access” in the “Services” menu then “CIFS”. The options for sharing, it will also enable the “Allow Guest Access”. Access to our NAS 59Hardware from any machine connected to the network is now possible. Just in the Windows file explorer to browse the network neighborhood and locate our NAS called “FreeNAS”. You can also create a  HP 484170-001 battery network drive that is ultimately a simple shortcut to our newly created storage space greatly simplifying access. A right mouse click will select the sharing option “Map Network Drive”. Assign it the drive letter you want, check “Reconnect at logon” if one wishes to have from the Windows startup.


Microsoft Windows

Once our disk space is initialized, we can now share. In the file explorer, you will right click on the new drive to make us previously created tab “sharing”. Refine it as necessary authorizations required by each user can only read or also write data on the NAS. From a connected PC, just go to the network neighborhood to browse or shares configured on the NAS after identified. We have seen in this article the different possibilities for the operating system to use, but also on what medium the install. While FreeNAS can do with a USB flash drive, Microsoft Windows must require a hard drive while creating multiple partitions on our storage space is possible. We also configured the basic settings for each system to a shared folder is accessible on the network.








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Apple and Intel, the end of a love story?

| Uncategorized | November 22, 2012

For several days, a rumor swells on the web; Apple would consider not using Intel processors in their machines. Which direction to take when Apple remain in the x86 AMD with no other choice … with a slight gaze VIA. Or engage in 100% ARM.


Intel processors in Apple computers are fairly recent since the end of support for PowerPC processors in IBM Mac OS X was discontinued in 2009, knowing that the transition had begun in 2006 by the firm at the apple.


The most obvious choice  HP Pavilion DV5 battery to stay close to its ecosystem established since the end of 2009 would remain on x86 processors. The choice would be on AMD or … VIA constructers only to offer a real alternative. We can obviously oust the two companies that do not reach the level of Intel combines power and low consumption. If this point is not necessarily important for a fixed machine, a laptop must have good performance while achieving substantial autonomy.


The most obvious choice would be to turn to ARM; two assumptions are quite viable for this change in CPU architecture. The first would be to facilitate the programming of operating systems (iOS and Mac OS X). Tablets, smart phones, HP Pavilion DV4 battery laptops and desktop machines benefit when a common architecture facilitating interactions between different devices, software updates, or progress on the core operating system. The second hypothesis comes from the fact that with the arrival of Windows 8 for ARM, Apple lags behind Microsoft would have a fleet of machines may be less powerful, but could boast of its greater autonomy Mac Book Air. One point on which Apple is a leader in ultra-portable.


But a rumor that seems plausible, but will require several months or even years before being checked. Apple has often been a step ahead of its competitors with even the iPhone, the iPad or the MacBook Air; it is quite likely that the  HP Pavilion DV6000 battery Cupertino Company we are short again. The change of architecture then imply profound changes in the range of Apple would be a long transition period would live an operating system x86 with ARM counterpart.


Intel has yet made the effort to launch a processor for smartphones and tablets completely viable on a highly competitive market. Great efforts have been made towards the giant  Dell Inspiron 1525 battery processor and it would be a shame to see her efforts dashed when he almost touches the goal. If Apple separates from Intel, it’s a safe bet that the x86 will play his last years.


Intel sir, with your expertise and resources, would it be possible to see appear soon ARM chip designed 100% by you?

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Dell XPS M1330 Battery

| Uncategorized | November 10, 2012

Power, a component often overlooked, often maligned and misunderstood in its power levels and yet so many things depend on it, first of all a certain stability of the PC, then the notion of performance and its satellites, power consumption and therefore cost, but also environmental protection, discretion and purchase price are also part of the complex, all …



Our comparison focuses on the power of less than 600 Watts, ie the segment representing more than 60 to 70% of sales volumes of food, this shows its importance.

In this comparison will blend traditional blocks but also “fanless”, ie the power without forced ventilation, more expensive to buy but not devoid of interest.


We begin this roundup with a fanless Dell XPS M1330 Battery power supply, the Silver Power SP-S460FL and Antec EarthWatts Platinum 550.

One is passive and features a label 80 Plus Gold, and the other active, but with an 80 Plus Platinum, a good face to face to start the comparison in good conditions.

This is be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550 Watts who enters our comparison, it displays a label 550 Watts 80 Plus Gold and other very interesting features is the high end of the manufacturer.

They were there just the high end in terms of discretion and therefore performance, recall of facts, a fanless power supply fan does not carry, it must therefore contain components that generate little heat due to the lack of forced cooling. These components are generally of very good quality, all at a cost of course much higher than with power ventilation delivering the same power. We’re not going to say that the price is going from single to double but almost.

It’s worth it worth investing in this type of blocks the view of the enormous progress of traditional diets HP G42 Battery  materials performance and discretion? Well not because we can say that many active power are inaudible, depending on the use of the machine. Are referred to the visual but also the musical creation or laboratory, in short wherever extreme discretion is sought.

However, to take full advantage of the characteristics of this type of food, it must be integrated in an environment also passive or at least very very discreet, what is to invest in these blocks so expensive sinks card graphics and processor are active and noisy? These power supplies are part of a whole.

Another point to absorb, in case of positioning the housing above the active power is an extraction point, they draw air into the housing for cooling, they therefore contribute to the discharge of a partial flow of hot air from the cabinet. With passive power, it is far from being the case, quite the contrary.

Market complicated than passive power, some do not hesitate to speak niche, the first clue might be the number of such products offered for sale, they are quite rare and repetitive in most cases. In fact, the producers are not legion, two or three or maybe four at the most, so this is the waltz labels and brands, the same situation is in conventional HP G4 Battery power but with much lower volumes.

The most recent are advertised performance more than 90% or a 80 Plus Gold label, the oldest display a label 80 Plus Bronze. Their power levels do not exceed 500 Watts finally cost between 120 and 150 euros

This technology is not brand new, it appeared a few years ago, at the time the search option appeared justified by consumer demand.
It consists of several levels in the domestic nature of the dissipation, the first level is passive, it is usually limited to a load rate of 20% power. Other levels involve the integrated fan bearings are often formed to the maximum fan speed, as late as possible of course.

This technique was revived in particular by Seasonic X series and, well marks incorporating these feeds. It has been updated since the fans have also increased with lower starting voltages and especially the appearance of the PWM.
Tested for a block of the X series, the solution is advantageous and has significant advantages. The first might be more available power, thus limiting exit 500 Watts of power passive. But it must focus area “passive” block or early phase “active” if quiet operation is the goal.
Also provide a higher price than its counterpart “classic.

Our HP G6 Battery are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency. HP Pavilion G6 laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.

Model No.:HP Pavilion G6 Battery


Volts :10.8V

Capacity :10400mAh

Battery Cells:12-cell

Size (L x W x H):205*52.3*37.1 mm

Shipping Weight:678.56g


Statements will be made after 30 minutes warm-up via OCCT set to “Power Supply” and a rest period of 15 minutes, three representative environments use standard will be launched:
The first to stand under Windows for 1 mm and 40 seconds is 100 measures.
The second sub OCCT Linpack position is stress oriented software processor, 300 measurements is 5 minutes.
The third adds to the previous test FurMark is a very aggressive software-oriented graphics card, it has the huge advantage of being able to exploit the single GPU but also the multi GPU in the case of CrossFire or SLI. This test runs for 8 minutes and 20 seconds is 500 measures.

The entire action is performed three times, an average will be achieved.


For voltages we will focus on three representative values, the 3.3, 5 and 12 volts, the voltage will be last two measures, the ATX / EPS dedicated to the processor, but also on a PCI-connector E graphics card. Other voltages are measured on the 24-pin connector on the motherboard.


We will then look at the  HP Envy 17T Battery performance by measuring the actual power. This is the part dedicated to the 80 Plus, in the case of a block labelized But this implies a yield of 87, 90 and 87% at 20, 50 and 100% load.

The best value is 50%, the ideal is to move in this area as much as possible, it implies a machine that consumes 300 to 400 watts downstream (about 333-444 Watts upstream *) for a given block to 700 Watts.
In the rest position, the correct value would be a downstream consumption of 140 Watts (155 Watts about upstream *) because do not forget that under 20% load, nothing is framed by the 80 Plus label.
We take the opportunity to raise the PFC. The power factor correction is a requirement in Europe, its value for power labélisées must be greater than 0.9. More PFC is smaller, generates power disturbances (harmonic and phase) and it consumes “less.” The best one is of course to eliminate the reactive power, but also the effects of harmonics.


This is a new concept that we introduce a probe placed 15 cm from the block will give us the room temperature, a second probe will be positioned on the heatsink hotter inside the block.
We analyze the delta (internal temperature less outside temperature), given that the various components prefer some stability at this level. This will allow us to better understand the cooling strategy of the manufacturer, late start or early fan.

The Sound

Three readings along the three test environments, the meter will be positioned at 5 cm and the block at one meter. Nuisances are generated from the fan, they
are increasing as it is temperature controlled and is indexed to the load block.
It is a brand that we find quite regularly in our columns, it is distributed in France by Nanopoint.
The range is quite extensive, it has 12 blocks with a power level that extends from 400 to 850 Watts. For six blocks, three are modular and three wired with the same power level, 650, 750 and 850 Watts. Then another series of five power from 400 to 850 Watts.

Our Dell Latitude E6320 batteries are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency.

Model No.:Dell Latitude E6320 Battery




Battery Cells:6-cell

Size (L x W x H):208*48.5*20mm

Shipping Weight:320g

This is a block of 460 Watts as its name hints at the origin of the product is claimed by the manufacturer Seasonic. The base is a X-460 or SS-460FL, note the proximity of product names …

Its presentation is consistent with brand standards, a textured black finish with large perforated panels for better dissipation. Firstly the top of the fan block that receives theoretically, that portion is completely composed of a structure known as Honeycomb, it must always be on top, this is indicated by the manufacturer on the connector panel. And yes the heat naturally rises, the Montgolfier brothers have discovered long ago.
The carrying side of the power connector is also but also the flank face and reaches the connectors.
At this level, the first finding, it is completely modular this Silver Power SP-S460FL even cords are detachable motherboard. This is really a great value? We’re not absolutely convinced, at least can be offered as an option cords of different lengths for installation in housings or micro-ATX formats grand tour.
The bundle is neat, a cover to enclose the block and a bag for cords, providing that we find in Seasonic actually. We attach to cords (if provided), they are all wrapped, break it down:
Compared to its level of power cords staffing level is good with 2 PCI-E 6 +2 pin. Also note the two lengths of cords available for devices, 400 and 550 + 150 +150 +150 perfect position to adapt power than hard disks and other and thus shorten the cords.

It is a block mono-rail Silver offers us power, since the power level that appears to us as a good choice, it can provide 38 amps or 456 watts for 12 volts. The 3.3 and 5 volts are present up to 20 amps.
It embeds the security against the use of or undervoltage particular.
Power Silver Power SP-S460FL includes the DC to DC, this method can provide voltages derived from the main 12 Volt, we count are the three main strains, 12, 5 and 3.3 Volts. Unlike the conventional method to separate the voltages to treat almost individually, if 12 volts is still full, 5 and 3.3 volts derived from the 5 volts.

Our Dell Latitude E6420 batteries are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency.

Model No.:Dell Latitude E6420 Battery




Battery Cells:6-cell

Size (L x W x H):208*48.5*20mm

Shipping Weight:320g


The 12 volt processor is surprisingly stable with a delta of 0.04 at the height of the test. Same situation with values very close to the power of the graphics card makes sense insofar as the block is mono-rail.
Nothing special meeting for 5 and 3.3 Volts they are ATX compliant.

Test platform:
Intel Core i7 970 @ 4000 MHz.
Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Graphics Card: HIS HD 6870 1GB GDDR5
Memory: 3 x 2 GB OCZ PC3-16000 Blade
Monitor Iiyama Prolite B2409HDS

Let the power consumption and power factor, the values will be measured on all three tests.

Power consumption
Power factor
Consumption very moderate compared to what we usually find the power factor does not fall below 0.90, in accordance with the standard 80 Plus.

Followed by noise and temperature readings.


No statements, being devoid of the power fan, discretion is absolute.

It heats the interior of the block, as shown in our graph, it is at this level that realizes the benefits of forced ventilation. However, the

Dell Latitude E6520 batteries components are adapted to this environment, not to worry for their durability and performance. Against by the heat generated in the housing is much higher than conventional block.

It is time to conclude this power without fan.
Voltage stability is excellent with a variation not exceeding 0.04 Volts to 12 Volts, other voltages are not suffering from any criticism and are broadly consistent with existing tolerances. A good quality components and mono-rail side there are no strangers, no doubt.

The finish is of good quality, packaging very carefully with a cover for block and another for the cords.


Consumption is more than adequate for the test platform after our first tests on different blocks.

It is rather well equipped side connections, first all the connectors are modular, which facilitate integration into the housing, then the PCI-E which there are two in 6 2. This is a rare staffing at this level of power.
Level discretion is total, it is naturally his forte and his main interest downside the heat is consistent. The temperature reached internally peak 46 ° C for a raised ambient of 22 ° C, the mounting direction of the grate block being upwardly and through an assembly at the bottom of enclosure, needless to say the amount of heat which flows into the housing.

This little wonder has a high price, 145 euros on average, the price of food Labelled But also modular 500 to 600 watts. Nevertheless we recommend to view its performance.

Antec is back with a new component range EarthWatts, the latter is strong already 13 models, three more join her. This is the Platinum series which has just made its appearance in this power range of “green” EarthWatts EA or.

This replacement Dell Latitude E6410 battery will get your laptop up and running the right way at the very best price. It is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection. The Dell Latitude E6410 batteries are designed to be fully compatible with the original equipment. It ships fast to you and we offer the Fastest Delivery, 30 Days Money Back.

No.:Dell Latitude E6410 Battery




Battery Cells:12-cell

Size (L x W x H):

Shipping Weight:700g


The presentation is classic, a black granite body, the honeycomb vents on the back of the block and to the right of the fan, therefore no grid. A sticker on the side rather quiet return to specifications, the product name and legal notices.
Its dimensions are close to the standard 86 mm (H) x 150 mm (W) x 140 mm (D), perfect for integration into a small package.
Overall, a good impression during the grip while the block is fairly simple.
It is a block type wire, the cables are sheathed in full, the bundle is simple, in the image of its packaging.

An endowment more than adequate, very suitable power level, we appreciate the two connectors PCI-E 6 +2 pin. By cons we regret the lack of connectivity mixed MOLEX + SATA on the same line.

The EarthWatts Platinum 550 is a multi-block rail, four for 12 volts 30 amps each with a maximum of 43 Amps combined. The 3.3 V and 5 can provide 95 Watts also combined, they are given initially for 16 amps per unit.

This power supply is 80 Plus Platinum Labelled, this implies a yield of 90, 92 and 89% yield at 20, 50 and 100% load.

The current protections are shipped against the voltage variations and intensities but also short-circuits. By cons, no protection against overheating, as so often at this level of power.


The allocation of the rails is the following 12V1 feeds the devices, the 12V2 supports cord ATX / EPS reserved to the processor, the motherboard 12V3 and 12V4 finally PCI-E connectors.

One track dedicated to graphics cards, as always in this power range, no complaints.

Our HP Pavilion DV4 batteries are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency.Keep the replacement HP Pavilion DV4 battery and its connections clean and free of debris. Clean your battery terminals on a regular basis using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on the tip.

Model No.:HP Pavilion DV4


Volts :10.8V

Capacity :8800mAh

Size (L x W x H):

Shipping Weight (in pounds):




The 12 Volts processor has good stability, largely in the ATX specifications, the delta is 0.09 and 0.13 Volts rest / test1 and repos/test2. Same position for 12 Volts statement on the PCI-E graphics card, 0.09 and 0.16 volts, very correct.
We will quickly 5 and 3.3 Volts, these tensions show a good stability.
Test platform:
Intel Core i7 970 @ 4000 MHz.
Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Graphics Card: HIS HD 6870 1GB GDDR5
Memory: 3 x 2 GB OCZ PC3-16000 Blade
Monitor Iiyama Prolite B2409HDS

Let the power consumption and power factor, the values will be measured on all three tests.

Power consumption:
Power factor
Consumption largely in average compared to the configuration of our test platform, the power factor is greater than 0.90 indicated nothing to report.

Followed by noise and temperature readings.

Very well balanced, inaudible at rest or under low loads, it becomes heavy loads but still in a very reasonable limit.

A small temperature difference between the  Dell Studio 1555 Battery environment and inside the block, 0.40 ° C on average either at rest or charge cooling.

Block very balanced. Firstly, a very correct voltage stability, followed by reduced consumption. For the latter, the Platinum label there is certainly no stranger.


Finishing and bundle are of good report by the sale price of this block, it is a reminder of 90 euros on the date of the test, it is simply the 80 Plus Platinum the cheapest on the market. And what’s more below 100 euros.
At this rate, we find blocks labeled 80 Plus Gold power level even include the be quiet Straight Power E9 500 and 600 Watts or 550 Watts FSP Aurum. It will happen by cons modular cords, but at this price level, it is conceivable.

It is a power that we award our economy label because of its very good value for money.

Dark Power Pro 10 550 Watts, presentation

Be quiet few years has become a major player in the field of PC power supplies, there he renewed his offer shortly upscale with version 10 of its series Dark Power Pro. It will gradually replace the P9 series, which is still in the catalog. The Pro version is broken down into six 10 power levels: 550, 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1200 Watts.


Store HP Pavilion DV7 battery in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. If HP Pavilion DV7 battery’s 76% even less in work , you must fully charge, fully discharge, and then fully recharge the laptop battery pack. Do not modify or disassemble the Li-ion HP Pavilion DV7 laptop battery.

Model No.:HP Pavilion DV7


Volts :14.4V

Capacity :4400mAh

Size (L x W x H):271.40 x 52.50 x 21.70mm

Shipping Weight:440.0 g





She looks great this Dark Power Pro 10, first packaging that bears the sacrosanct black dear to the brand, once opened we find a series of locations in the foam. Everything is carefully packed, a small carton for cords, his neighbor is none other than the block itself and finally the power cord, and switch hardware mono-rail/multi rail, we will.


Consider the block closer, body pads and wide black satin black and silver on the sides, they are embedded and show the brand and type of food in relief, please.


The specifications can be found on the side opposite the fan or on the top part of the top of a mounting housing.
That is protected by a grid consisting of a succession of small metal bar. The rear part is encased in a hard plastic casing with protrusions, apparently an anti vibration is desired. We find the same type of “protection” to the front portion, but the connectors in the form of strip, the output connectors are located on a plastic plate.


One cord is fixed, the 20/24 pin ATX, we note the care taken in connection with the cable block, great art … For other connectors, they are carefully built, we dénombrons 4 for PCI-E, 4 for devices and one for the processor.


Five additional connectors are located four intended for any fans, and they are regulated by the Food and indexed internal fan, and finally a 3-pin named OCK.
Finish very high level for this power, a state that we do not meet very often.


Connectivity of high level compared to the power delivered by the block four PCI-E, 7 and 9 MOLEX SATA, luxury … Note the cords with single connector, 6-pin PCI-E, SATA and MOLEX very useful for small enclosures, but unlike the mixed SATA MOLEX long cord, it may represent the single bead wire for all peripheral a PC.


What is the destination of this

Dell Latitude E5500 batteries ? Well it allows the passage of the status of multi-rail power supply to the mono-rail, in both cases the maximum current is 45 Amps or 540 Watts.

A switch is mounted on a bracket Pci, a red light near the passage attests to mono-rail, attention is the change that eating off it is necessary to stop the machine. In case of permanent mono-rail, a jumper is supplied to replace the previous system.

The move affects 12 Volts which constitutes the major part of the electrical demands of a PC, without reopening the debate mono-rail position allows you to use all the available power is shared among different consumers. The multi-rail allows only limited use more or less for each rail, not possible to transfer the unused power of another rail. Generally or at least until now, the blocks are destined to single rail more PC gamer or overclocking with power hungry components for greater stability at the level of tensions, we verify that our test course .

It is a block laba 80 Plus Gold, its performance is announced at 87.70, 90.53, 88.98% at 20, 50 and 100% load, it loads the safety of use:
OCP (overcurrent protection against)
OVP (overvoltage protection against)
MSRP (protection against brownouts)
SCP (protection against short-circuits)
OTP (protection against temperature peaks)
OPP (protection against overload)

Assigning lines to 12 Volts in multi-rail is as follows:
12 V1: CPU1 and Motherboard
12 V2: CPU2, Peripherals
12 V3: PCI-E 1 and 2
12 V4 PCI-E 3 and 4

This series of power embarks some specificities, new circuits have been integrated for better stability and better performance. Examples include the Half Bridge or Full Bridge (> 750 Watts), the latter technology involves two MOSFETS or 4 models of high power (> 750 Watts), it divides the unit load. The LLC allows reduction in the variation of the alternating current to the input of the transformer.
SR Synchronous Rectifier Control for the 12 Volt output transformer, it regulates via an ASIC, it is upstream of the DC to DC which converts 12 volts rectified at 3.3 and 5 volts.


Our HP Pavilion DV6 batteries are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the maximum levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency. Keep the replacement HP Pavilion DV6 battery and its connections clean and free of debris. Clean your battery terminals on a regular basis using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on the tip.

Model No.:HP Pavilion DV6


Volts :10.8V

Capacity :4400mAh

Size (L x W x H):205 x 49.8 x 20.3mm

Shipping Weight (in pounds):610.0 g




Excellent stability for the voltage deltas statements, the difference between the average voltage at rest and its equivalent in the two tests are 0.08 for the multi-position rail and 0.05 and 0.06 respectively for test 1 and test 2.
The mono-rail position is clearly the most appropriate for a search of stability, we suspected it.
The 3.3 and 5 volts are not involved in the two modes and reveal very good.
The test platform:
Intel Core i7 970 @ 4000 MHz
Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
Graphics Card: HIS HD 6870 1GB GDDR5
Memory: 3 x 2 GB OCZ PC3-16000 Blade
Monitor Iiyama Prolite B2409HDS
This Dell D630 Battery power supply is equipped with two positions, we will make the tests involved in the two sessions, multi-rail (MR) and mono-rail (OC).

Power consumption


Power factor


Consumption growing not only testing, but also with the way the difference is small between the mono-rail and multi-rail at rest but increases gradually.
The average power factor of 0.93 to 0.99 depending on the test, no complaints.



Noise greatly reduced, we have noted no increase in the speed of rotation during our test, obviously the fan starts later for the benefit of our ears.

The temperature readings.


Temperature readings confirm our late start with a curve increasing function of the load in the end we reach almost two test records of our passive this board at the beginning of the same test 2, Silver Power SP- S460FL.

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Battery Latitude E6520 batteries

| Uncategorized | November 5, 2012

Just unveiled Thunderbolt technology, LaCie NAS known for its high-end shifts into high gear by offering exclusive devices such as the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2big and compatible with this new type of connection.Expected to deliver speeds twice as high as USB 3.0,Thunderbolt is capable of providing a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps with a mini DisplayPort connector type. And thanks to this standard, it is also designed to pass a video signal.

The Little Big Disk is simply the external storage system the fastest in the world thanks to its two onboard SSD with a capacity of 240GB and supports RAID 0, 1 and Jbod. It is completely made of aluminum and incorporates two Thunderbolt interfaces mini DisplayPort.

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt gives the advantage to the storage capacity of up to 4TB accept as data using two conventional hard disks. Therefore, the device is more imposing. It also incorporates a chassis identical to the 2big NAS. And as the brands of motherboards incorporate some of their models Thunderbolt controller, the Dell Studio 1558 storage devices already very popular in the Apple universe can finally be used on PC.

While this revolutionary technology is ready to replace USB, eSATA or Firewire? Flows will they be up? Are there any constraints in terms of use?

Thunderbolt technology
Developed by Intel since 2007, was born Thunderbolt technology to overcome the physical limitations of copper preferring fiber. However, considered too fragile for general public use, the latter view is upstaged by our good old traditional cables.

Using a Mini DisplayPort connector identical to those used on high-end graphics cards, it is also expected to be able to pass a video signal over data streams. Thunderbolt then gives the Inspiron 1545 Battery opportunity to connect monitors and storage devices simultaneously. Good news for users already equipped with equipment fitted with mini DisplayPort taken, they will be used on the Thunderbolt interface.

Because this new technology is not limited to providing a bandwidth of 10Gbps or more than twice that of USB 3.0. It helps to support the Daisy Channel, ie connection to chain up to six devices.Responding codenamed “Light Peak” Thunderbolt operates full duplex allowing it to operate a bandwidth of 10Gbps in both transmission and reception simultaneously.The benefits do not stop in so good way since the devices shipping this standard should not necessarily require an external power supply. Indeed, it is capable of delivering a power of up to ten watts.And so many standards are constrained by limited cable length, Thunderbolt allows a maximum length of fifty meters although at this level, power is no longer feasible.

Thunderbolt is supported by the motherboard with a specific controller. To this day, they all come from Intel and five models are available. The choice will be critical because they have different features and capabilities.Do not support all screens or Daisy Channel. More importantly, not everyone is wired to four PCI Express lanes as is the case for the most efficient of them. Dell E4300 Battery uses two PCI Express supports only one device. It will therefore pay special attention to this controller when purchasing such a motherboard if you want to have the Thunderbolt because it does not exist on the market PCI Express expansion card.LaCie could be a pioneer as far as we know, the company is one of the first to attach importance to the aesthetics of its products while the general trend was clearly peripheral to the basic appearance.

Beyond these criteria, the brand is always looking to innovate and succeed very well in its catalog, counting the first cards USB / Firewire, SCSI and their self-powered external hard drives. This is why it is among the first to offer Thunderbolt compatible products.

Moreover LaCie already four devices supporting this technology. In addition to the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2big and the brand has developed the LaCie eSATA Hub, an external hard drive supports eSATA and Thunderbolt. And just recently, the LaCie Rugged USB3 introduced Thunderbolt, a storage medium containing an ultra-compact HDD or SSD connectable USB 3.0 as Thunderbolt.

The Little Big Disk is an external storage Dell XPS M1330 Thunderbolt ultra compact dedicated to video production, photo industry and small businesses. Areas where performance is critical to ensure high productivity. Its sleek design is directed by Neil Poulton has developed many products for the brand.

Thanks to its two Thunderbolt connectors, it is able to exploit the full duplex 10Gbps offered by this technology. It also supports connection to chain up to six devices. The Little Big Disk is available in four versions:
1TB (7200RPM disk)
240 GB (SSD)
The Little Big Disk also supports RAID technology to enhance data security or faster performance in terms of flows.

RAID 0 combines the capabilities and speeds of each disk and installed capacity. But in case one of the devices experiencing hardware failure, it would be all the data would be lost.RAID 1 or mirror automatically duplicates and transparency data from one disk to another and in case of failure of one of the two units, the data remains accessible and are maintained.The third mode is a Jbod combining capacity but not rates and no protection is supported.It is important to note that this is a software RAID configured LaCie Apple machines. But it is quite possible to achieve the same configuration with Windows 7.

Our LaCie Little Big Disk test is the SSD version and mark indicates speeds of up to 480MB / s read and 245MB / s write. Thanks to its two Thunderbolt interfaces, the Little Big Disk can combine devices such as a screen or other LaCie storage devices to increase throughput and capacity.Safety and reliability of the Little Big Disk are widely studied so that they are as effective as possible. This is why LaCie uses aluminum for the unit has a double cooling system to ensure heat dissipation. With its fins, the surface is improved by 60%.

Finally, the Little Big Disk comes with different applications to perform backups as Dell Studio XPS 1340 Genie Timeline PRo and LaCie Backup Assistant. The Little Big Disk is guaranteed for three years.

External presentation

A bite! The LaCie Little Big Disk is a clone of the excellent miniature 2big NAS tested here. But its ultra compact dimensions allow it to contain only 85mm in height, 40mm in width and 140mm depth.Through the use of materials such as aluminum, the Little Big Disk is proudly exhibiting an office where one thing is sure, it will definitely not go unnoticed. It exudes a sense of concentrated technology offering high performance.On its facade also very thick aluminum, we find the famous “blue eye” representative of the brand. that serves power button and it is all found on this side of the Little Big Disk. This sleek and minimalist look highly successful in this storage system.

On the sides of the Little Big Disk, fins are designed especially for the purpose of dissipating heat from the internal components.

In the case of SSDs, but temperatures remain low in the case of magnetic hard disks, an effective system must be present in order to ensure the reliability of the whole.At the bottom of the unit, a detachable stand improves the stability of Little Big Disk and improve its appearance.Behind the Little Big Disk, one discovers two Thunderbolt connectors  Dell E4310 Battery but also the external power supply and lock mounting system. Up a small fan provides fresh air.

Interior presentation

Once removed from its frame, the Little Big Disk SSD unveils two from Intel, the 320 Seriers 120GB each. They use the standard format 2.5”, embark Flash memory MLC NAN engraved at 25nm and based on a SATA 3Gbps controller.The 320 Series Intel would be able to reach speeds of around 270MB / s read and 220MB / s write with the Intel G2 controller also used in the Series 310 and the oldest X25-M.The Little Big Disk is based on a single PCB having grafted a massive aluminum structure responsible for the heat dissipation. SSDs are connected with a backplate which also uses a standard SATA connector.

Under the sink was found on the green PCB numerous controllers whose majority is obtained from Parade. Eg PS8321 PS8301 related video streams are loaded in order to ensure the support of the screens. The HP Envy 17T PS161 is a converter DisplayPort to HDMI / DVI. There are also two controllers used as multiplex 6DP212 NXP DisplayPort.The Little Big Disk also includes two 32-bit ARM processor clocked at 50MHz KPC1114 NXP. A more known last controller manages the storage part because it is the Marvell 9182 whose specifications are not disclosed by the manufacturer.But seen on motherboards prestigious as Asus Rampage III, it seems that this chipset is up to the expectations of users. And finally the largest chipset present in the Little Big Disk is the Intel Thunderbolt.

At the rear there are two mini DisplayPort connector format used to connect peripherals Thunderbolt. In addition to the power connector, a capacitor soldered manually could be better integrated. The small connector on the right is used to power the fan’s Little Big Disk. This results in a build quality and serious achievement for all, proof that LaCie is known to pay special attention to its products.

2big Thunderbolt presentationThe 2big Thunderbolt uses the same features and functionality as the Little Big Disk but with some differences. It is designed to accommodate storage units format 3.5” (conventional hard drives desktop PC). It is available in 4TB or 6TB always with 7200 RPM. This time LaCie announced maximum rates of 311Mo / s read against 314Mo / s write.

External presentation

The 2big Thunderbolt uses the same chassis as the 2big NAS which we had largely won. Larger with dimensions of 17cm height 9cm wide and 20 deep, he always wears on its facade a single blue indicator acting as a power switch. The entire 2big Thunderbolt is aluminum and the fins optimize heat dissipation.At the rear, there are two drawers which take their place in the hard drives. There are two models from Seagate 2TB each. They are operating  HP G32 Battery at 7200 RPM Barracuda and equipped with 6Gbps interface and 64MB cache.

Just like the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt standard two connectors Mini DisplayPort for connection to the PC, but also other devices, display or storage device.

Top vents let air sucked by the fan and bottom, a connector for external power.

Interior presentation

Just like the 2big NAS, the design is well thought out to maximize the space occupied by the components. The primary circuit is placed between the two disks.The fan was changed to a lighter model. To recap, the 2big NAS using a turbine system such as we see on the graphics benchmark. And the 2big Thunderbolt should be quieter and more efficient on this point.Once opened the 2big Thunderbolt does not differ from the 2big NAS in its design. It therefore continues to regret that still uses groundwater LaCie SATA data transfer and power cables to the hard drive power.The ideal would be a system like Little Big Disk enjoying a more reliable or backplate for example the risk of disconnections are lower. Under a steel G42 Battery cover, are the major components of the 2big Thunderbolt.

This is actually the same PCB present in the Little Big Disk is placed on the motherboard 2big Thunderbolt.

Quality is the appointment and no big mistake is committed even if the choice of food provided by two basic welded son remains questionable. We would still have preferred that the 2big Thunderbolt is based on a single PCB more homogeneous rather than grafting an existing circuit to another.

Performance: the essential


With speeds of over 300MB / s read and 240MB / s write, LaCie Thunderbolt devices are by far the external storage systems faster.

This is ten times better than SSD used in a USB 3.0 external enclosure. It is also three times faster than a high-end NAS and finally it is also very close to the internal SSD to a PC. For comparison, the Little Big Disk is thirty times faster than USB!

The 2big Thunderbolt is as fast as the Little Big Disk read-and even offers an advantage over the writing bench with a difference of 25MB / s.

4K files

We now focus on small files that any storage device is more difficult to achieve high data rates. It is interesting to look there because they generally represent a quarter of the files in a machine.While on large files, two RAID 0 SSD internally in a PC is the fastest solution, for small files, the difference is much smaller because the Little Big Disk stops at 25MB / s while you get 28MB / s on RAID SSD Internal read. Write the difference is only 4MB / s.The 2big Thunderbolt is also very close to the Little Big Disk on small files with a range between 25 and 30MB / s.


The Little Big Disk does not include hardware RAID, ie no chip is responsible for this configuration. This is the operating system that cares. Thus the “small disk” LaCie he wins in performance with such a system?On small files, the HP G4 Battery  gains are almost zero through one to two SSD SSD configured in RAID 0 software. By cons on large files, the gains are present and even interesting with 328Mo / s against 240MB / s read.Writing gains are similar with 240MB / s against 132Mo / s for a single SSD installed in the Little Big Disk.

LaCie and accelerates transfer rates thanks to this solution is not the most powerful but is in all cases the most economical.

SATA 3Gbps, a good choice?

The brand has preferred to use the SSD using a SATA 3Gbps interface. But if you look at our regular columns, you must bear in mind that the standard SATA 6Gbps can reach speeds around 500MB / s SATA 3Gbps while confined to about 300MB / s.

So we replaced the two Intel SSD 330 Series by default in the Little Big Disk SSD compatible with two 6Gbps. The Dell Latitude E6120 gains are small files with very minimal at most 5MB / s gained.By cons on large files is plummeting because you lose 90MB / s write. And the Marvell controller charge storage in the Little Big Disk was unable to manage our 6Gbps SSD effectively. We can therefore conclude that as LaCie has opted for its effective SSD storage system.
Practice Tests

What does the Thunderbolt practice? For if the synthetic tests give a good overview of the device under test, it is always essential to focus on what really brings a new technology in practice. That is why we conduct three separate measures:

Decompression Bluray stored on the device.
Installing a software suite (Office 2007 Professional)
Antivirus scan device.

We decompress the 40GB Bluray on our Little Big Disk and compare the results to other storage media. A USB 3.0 external SSD, it took 48min27s to perform this task. The Little Big Disk did need 10min41s five times less time! The 2big Thunderbolt is neck and neck with the Little Big Disk leaving him just thirty seconds.

That does not install applications directly from a fast storage medium rather than ancient DVD? That’s why we install Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition to check that it is the fastest solution.
It took 7min22s from a SSD connected via USB 3.0 and the Little Big Disk barely leaves time to make coffee with just 5min47s.

The 2big is as fast as our internal RAID 0 SSD 6min26 with a little Latitude E6320 more than thirty seconds the Little Big Disk.

Finally we analyze using the contents of an antivirus Little Big Disk that we compare to other devices hosting the same content in terms of data. In all cases, the duration of the analysis lasted 20 seconds. The virus is not dependent on the storage system.

Performance: expert mode

This time we are taking a course in the field of synthetic performance taking into account several parameters due to the use of the SSD Little Big Disk: Data for compressible and incompressible flows can vary greatly depending on the SSD used.

And in addition to taking into account performance in terms of IOPS, we measure the differences between sequential and random modes. Thus we get an overview of the performance that we expect devices connected LaCie Thunderbolt.

Incompressible & compressible data
The 4K files like those of 4MB, the data is compressible or not, rates will remain the same on the Little Big Disk.

Methods sequential and random files
This is painful for the 2big Thunderbolt on random access files 4K. It is less a drive connected via USB 3.0. By cons, and fortunately the Little Big Disk is much better with 25MB / s write and 15MB / s read. In sequential mode, the 2big Thunderbolt does not meet the same weakness in random mode.
On files larger than 4MB, the 2big Thunderbolt does not know the same troubles as small files.


IOPS (input output operations per second) represent the number of operations performed on a storage system.

It is crucial to professional equipment designed to withstand thousands of operations per second, this factor is not as critical to the more conventional machinery.

FYI, our test platform requires to decompress RAR archive 1500 IOPS read and write IOPS only 35.
Of course there are the poor performance of the 2big Thunderbolt on random write 4K files because it is limited to only 150 or 450 IOPS while in other cases, Latitude E6420 ATG is still above 2800 IOPS. In sequential mode, regardless of the device used, the averages are stable and always close to 7,600 IOPS.

4MB file IOPS
The Little Big Disk does not particularly like our SSD 330 Series 6Gbps deal with Intel swift least in terms of IOPS. Otherwise in all other cases, the results are consistent with our expectations.

TRIM Support

TRIM is a command to optimize the organization of data within memory chipsets so that their life the longest possible. More TRIM improves flow consistency over time.

To date, the use of a single SSD is no longer a problem and the management of TRIM in RAID 0 is fast becoming a bad memory … At Intel. Many are still indispensable prerequisite but it works.
So what about equipping our SSD Little Big Disk? We consider a sector volume and once the file is deleted, we must find the values “00” if TRIM is enabled.
And the Little Big Disk is indeed able to use the TRIM configured via software RAID under Windows 7.
Consumption & noise


Start with the Little Big Disk by measuring power consumption directly to the outlet. You should know that LaCie Thunderbolt devices can be turned on if the Thunderbolt cable is connected.

This suggests that part of consumption may come from the Latitude E6520 batteries  it is connected even though it has not grown on our test platform significantly.

We measure the consumption of Little Big Disk and 2Big thunderbolt empty, with a storage medium and two units.

The Little consumes 2W empty then 4 and 6 with an SSD when two. On the 2big Thunderbolt, it requires more energy because of the hard drives that consume more than the SSD. It is therefore 5W, vacuum disc with 11W, 17W and finally with two disks.


If the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt is really quiet thanks to his new fan with only 34.8dB (35.2dB reached the 2big NAS), the Little Big Disk is downright loud for such a small device with 38.5dB.

The fault lies with the tiny fan operating at high speed. Vents allowing more air into the device further extend the phenomenon. If forced ventilation is understandable for conventional heating drives much, it is not the same for SSD which heat generation is much lower.

It would be more than welcome to make use LaCie in future versions of the Little Big Disk to a system that can adapt according to the internal temperature.


LaCie has always been a pioneer of new computer technologies and it is still one of the few to call renowned designers to develop its products.

With the Little Big Disk NAS 2big and the brand E6410 Battery is the best place to democratize technology Thunderbolt. Besides, she has all the assets to invade our machines because it allows access at speeds fulgurants.La bandwidth of 10Gbps full duplex allows ease of use rarely equaled. In addition, support video streams facilitates connection of screens.

On the aesthetic level, these two LaCie devices have absolutely no brand evokes the old and the term work of art that many share. The Little Big Disk is really “cute” and seductive behind this facade, lies a wealth of extraordinary performance. Maybe we will see other colors than gray trendiest raw aluminum?

If the beginning of the Thunderbolt technology were relatively scabrous on PC, it has reached a long-awaited maturity. Now hotplug works perfectly and we had no trouble using the two systems together. It thus allows even novices to enjoy high rates of theft because you just plug in and use. A concept of “plug and play” has it all.

Our summary measures but also our practical tests show a real interest to move to Thunderbolt. And evidence, file decompression was five times faster than USB 3.0 External SSD.

The 2big Thunderbolt was also able to demonstrate a real capacity in terms of performance because it is not very far behind the Little Big Disk. This is especially random write small files that the difference is significant. We also appreciated the Pavilion DV4 Battery evolution of the fan much more discreet.

For cons, the Little Big Disk is noisy point improvement in a second revision developed by the brand. It is hoped that in future versions of the Little Big Disk, LaCie will to 6Gbps SSD compatible which will almost double the performance even if the current is far faster than more conventional storage systems. Moreover, to date, some models are already available.

So why not not go to the mSATA and thus further reduce the size of the device while making less energy? Ideally, replace the RAID software with a hardware version will be even better.

We would also like alternative to Pavilion DV7 Thunderbolt connectivity like USB 3, Ethernet or eSATA present on the LaCie Rugged. As few machines are equipped with this technology and the dimensions of the Little Big Disk willingly lend travel and sharing is limited to this type of connection. Without the fault back to the brand, we would also like to install the operating system on a storage medium Thunderbolt.

It remains one last factor to consider: the price. At 349 euros, the Little Big Disk comes with a 1TB capacity in magnetic hard disk.

And for 539 euros, you will have the basic 4TB 2big offered by the Thunderbolt. Too bad we can not acquire this equipment eg bare recycle storage units that you already have.

Finally, while not perfect the Little Big Disk is the external storage absolutely have to pout all fans of outstanding performance even in our wildest wishes, we would have liked it reaches flows RAID 0 internal SSD. But mobility Little Big Disk is an undeniable advantage, we assign the reward of performing equipment.

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Choosing Your Wedding Color

| Uncategorized | October 13, 2012

Should you use your favorite color for your wedding theme? What happens if your favorite color is yellow and your wedding is in the winter? It’s still your wedding and your choice if you want to use yellow, but you may not want to use yellow as the main wedding color but more of an accent color such as the mini roses in the bouquets or as the ribbon around your wedding favor.

Color can be used in so many ways for weddings. From an accent color to the main color theme used in everything from the bridal party dresses to the table cloths and napkins at the reception. It is up to you how much color, or how little color, you want.

Some of the prettiest weddings we’ve seen have used multiple colors or shades of the same color throughout the planning of their weddings to the actual event. One color is used for the bridal shower, another color for the ceremony, followed by combining the colors for the reception. It’s actually a very easy thing to do that will result in spectacular look.

For example, you have selected blue for your wedding dress color great choice for anytime of the year. Your bridal shower kicks off with a lovely baby blue being used as flowers on your cake, bells, ribbons and decorations are intertwined with baby blue and white and your bridal shower favors also feature something blue and look beautiful sitting on your guest’s white table cloths.

Moving onto your wedding day, you have selected a deeper shade of blue for your bridal party. The bridesmaid dresses are the color of the ocean with your groomsmen bow ties matching. Your bouquet is white or ivory roses or calla lilies intermingled with the blue hydrangeas which carries the color theme elegantly throughout the bridal party.

At your reception, you have chosen to add an even deeper hue of blue and now have three gorgeous blue shades throughout the reception location. Your bridal table, guest tables, gift table and cake table all have three different cloths with the deepest blue tablecloth on the top. The other colors peek below as they cascade to the floor. White place settings and napkins sit majestically on the deep blue of the table cloth. Gorgeous tall white candles burn in the center of each table and at each guest seat is a tasteful white candle wedding favor for your guests to take with to remind them of your beautiful wedding day.

Your wedding cake is a cascade of white flowers and pale blue ribbons. Beautiful white and blue bows are scattered throughout carrying your colors even further. Finally, you have the beautiful blue garter that your husband can sexily slide off your leg!
a href=”http://www.lovingown.com/”>bridal gowns Cheap Wedding Dresses wedding dress bridal bridal
It doesn’t matter which color you select as your wedding color as they are so many creative ways to use color for your wedding. Enjoy the process as you plan the wedding that your dreams are made of!

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Choose Wedding Dress Shoes

| Uncategorized | October 13, 2012

When choosing your wedding shoe, the height of the shoe determines the length of the dress. You’ll need your wedding shoes when you’re having alterations made to your wedding dress

It’s for this reason you should purchase your shoes as soon as your dress is chosen. The last thing you want is to have your bridal the wrong length because you switched shoes mid-stream. 

The second thing to consider is the style of your Cheap Wedding DressesA formal designer wedding dress warrants an elegant pair of shoes to match but you might consider a sparkly pair of flip flops for a beach wedding dress! A more informal gown might require a pair of white satin ballet shoes or even some strappy sandals. 

While cute shoes are important, comfort is key. You won’t be sitting down much! 

Another option for some brides is to choose 2 pairs of shoes…elegant shoes for the wedding dress and ‘reception’ shoes for the party afterwards. Reception shoes are comfortable sneakers or flat shoes adorned with sequins, pearls and glitter and tied with satin or lace shoelaces. 

bridal gowns Whatever your choice, we’d like to help you find the perfect shoes!

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imitation Ghd there is little proof connecting greasy foods to oily skin of one’s ghd unusual straighteners

| Uncategorized | September 27, 2012

This is how you can use your GHD hair straightener. Very first of all you need to have to wash your hair thoroughly. Then hold out for a great handful of minutes so that your hair will get dry. Then you can use your GHD styler in the manner you like to fashion up your hair. It would do the trick considerably better if you divide your hair in some sections and get started with from the bottom layer and progressively transfer in direction of the higher just one. You can also end up by brushing your hair when you have conducted with your hair straightener for the ideal impact on your hair.

The 2011 Masters Championship, golf’s most glamorous tournament, begins with apply rounds on Monday April 4th by means of Wednesday, April sixth and the real tournament operates for four days from Thursday, April 7th to Sunday, April tenth when a champion is crowned. Acquiring a ticket to the Masters is even more troublesome to get than a ticket to the Super Bowl, NCAA Closing Four or the Kentucky Derby. If you want to show up at this year’s Masters, the time to method is now.

Your childs protection and nicely being should really normally be a lot more imperative, a lot of alot more significant than placing meals on the table. Attaining a excellent nanny subsequent posting your nanny work inside the paper or on the internet may be the perfect methodology to go. You are likely to invariably figure out that your child is gaining the treatment method and consideration that he or she planchas ghd baratas demands each and every day with the month. Who understands what goes on in a day cure, that is not your house, your child will hardly see their home when they demand to go to day treatment method all the time. But if you have a nanny functioning for you then no a lot less than you know your boy or girl is at house where by she or he is secured and ghd hair straightener completely satisfied.

As with other home inside themes, you have to launch with finding the correct colour. Decide on colors that youl frequently affiliate with Africa. For illustration, you have some thing brown, very similar to the grass of the savannah, despite the fact that you can have shades of red, which is identified with the Masai signature red clothes. You can also go for black and white somekeyword, as a nod to the zebra attribute stripes.

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Much more rounder barrels put to use in this Ghd IV styler make it even less complicated may well have been she hair straighteners

| Uncategorized | September 27, 2012

We could, but not now. At this time we want to give you four dependable considerations to decide to purchase Lavazza coffee, using into consideration all the alternate alternatives out there. Keep on tight, it happens to be heading to get legitimate in right here. These underlying factors are not about the startling know-how you get on the extraordinary conclude of a hot cup of coffee. These are facts about Lavazza espresso, how it is developed, prepared and produced, that sets the coffee previously the common bean. You’ll find it about a tradition of preserving high-quality, and relentless particular attention to the particulars of the espresso production knowledge.

As the bride, shopping wonderful is no lengthier a question. You without a doubt have to be the middle of everyone’s particular attention, as that is your major day! Having the most suitable wedding ceremony hair type is the main to that. And for this very specific day, sophisticated black wedding hair variations are the ideal choice. Styling your hair the perfect possible way is imperative even if you are donning a veil. Significantly more than the makeup, the marriage ceremony gown, your hair is planning to be one particular of the points people today will see. By realizing and recognizing what Ghd Hair Straighteners your special hair variety is, and deciding on the finest search that properly satisfies your attributes, reaching a flattering hair style would not be a situation.

Up to ninety% of all male hair decline is considering that of to male sequence baldness, also referred to as androgenetic alopecia. In this circumstance, the consequence in of hair loss is considering the fact that of to genes inherited from the father, the mom, or every single. The older a male will get the far alot more most most likely balding is to develop, however some gents get up and running to reduce their hair as early as their late teenagers or early twenties.

A very good example is the Instyler Iron. This hair styling system will be equipped to deliver you with a fashionable straight hair on a regular foundation. The total method included in each Instyler Iron will not only type your hair but will go away you with a easy hair. Deliver the results with it the exact as working a incredibly hot iron in your hair and you will realize a straight and soft hair upon a pair of minutes.

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This could possibly cause the dysfunction of neural regulation and conjunctival for babyliss hair straighteners

| Uncategorized | September 27, 2012

The choices for the scope of a word wide web portal dedicated to carnivals time close to the globe are endless. A comments on this kind of websites may help enhance the good quality and the choice of function getting posted. Really good responses from website visitors to the online site would enable target the web-site to generate much better input these types of as carnivals and gatherings in each and every location of the planet.

Favourable: Sturdy, cost effective, normally non-adhere if correctly seasoned, distributes temperature evenly and maintains heat effectively, imparts iron to food items (an extra profit for some), fantastic for longer, affordable simmering and browning. Negatives: Cast iron cheap ghd straightener is also reactive, and doesn’t take effectively to acidic foods. It is also fairly major, needs a long time to heat up, needs a little bit a great deal more hard work to cleanse and maintain. A further option? When we nonetheless prefer uncooked cast iron for skillets, enameled cast iron (cast iron coated in porcelain enamel) has most the benefits of cast iron free of the increased issues, so you’ll find it a terrific material for dutch ovens. It’s non-reactive, convenient to cleanse, and spectacular.

Those ‘smart’ most people, who are so extremely brief sighted that they are unable to see anything at all over and above the value, lead greatly to the lowering of standards in each individual way they can. In point, they contribute to decreasing the grade of equally providers and programs merely because they do not would like to, or are unable to notify the variance when it comes to articles and other content, composition, methodology and most valuable of all benefit generation and return on investment decision.

five) The potential buyers need to decide to purchase a top quality brand name that is hoping to enter the sector at the instant and their valid reason for providing superb value is due to their powerful curiosity in using the current market share. ( In these kinds of a scenario, the customers get superb benefit and also a rather beneficial resale benefit for yrs to occur, which enables them to get pleasure from their yachts and yet always keep keeping on to the worth and potentially offer it for a earnings if they determine, and move on to a larger yacht)

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you are not able to afford a new pair of hair straightening irons to the what hair straighteners

| Uncategorized | August 23, 2012

Ghd Straighteners Cheap is going to be For its size and excess weight it is a good deal simpler and easier to save and to carry for traveling There is various kind in loss of hair these as stress and anxiety, lousy nourishment, prescription drugs, illness, fungal infections, hormonal issues, thyroid dysfunctions, to point out a several This time, N97mini RAOUL minimal version is without doubt a luxury The 4 sizes of Solia flat irons consist of – 1 inch, ?inch, one ?inch and one?inch When drying, press the hair lightly with a towel at very first and then implement some serum ahead of leaving it to dry by natural means I began running the method down my hair and was just shocked at how thoroughly clean my hair was coming out.

Ghd Hair Straighteners NZ is definitely With the straighteners although, women could preserve their hair straight and get back again some rule over that factor of their lives for the first of all time for quite a few of them

  • If you want a clearly produced, properly-constructed flat iron, then the CHI Farouk flat iron is for you

    Prosperous corporation proprietors have grabbed this notion and utilized it to their lives the new ghd But if you get that smoke arises or the tissue paper discolors, then it means that the iron is way too incredibly hot and can melt away your hair.

  • Want to know what sort of GHD Flat Iron is appropriate for your special hair sort? Discover out right here:

    GHD is one of the preferred makes that have awesome devices for hair straightening and styling In actual reality if you glance for the distinctive iron gates that are accessible you will see that there are heaps of unique kinds you can purchase, no matter how good sized or smaller your garden is ghd australia engineering.

  • Even greatly thick and unusually prolonged hair can just simply be managed with salon styler straightener. Help you save your insurance protection for important claims green ghd hair straightener.

ghd straightener

To get started with you have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner You may well have to test a couple of previous to selecting an individual that “suits”, The website also offers great special discounts on Dermalogica products Slowly you glide the iron down in direction of the conclude and even while you do that, you rotate it outwards precious ghd.

  • http://www.newzealand-ghd.com
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